What We Do

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carries out projects for government agencies and private clients. Project assignments range in scope from countywide general plans to environmental assessments and land use entitlements for individual projects.

PlanPacific’s previous and current work covers a wide range of needs, falling into the following categories:

  • Project Planning
    PlanPacific undertakes conceptual land use and site planning for both small and large properties. Examples of large sites on O’ahu include a 44-acre continuing care retirement community in Kapolei, a 535-acre mixed-use development focused on a recreational marina in ‘Ewa, a 65-acre commercial-industrial tract in Iwilei, the 72-acre Armed Forces Recreation Center at Waikiki Beach, and a 143-acre former pineapple field near Wahiawa. Among our well-known clients are Castle and Cooke Properties, McCormack Properties, Haseko (‘Ewa), JMB/Amfac Properties, The Queen Emma Foundation and The Estate of James Campbell.


  • Land Use Entitlements
    PlanPacific provides professional advice and services in obtaining land use entitlements and the full range of development permits, from discretionary, policy-level land use approvals and environmental assessments through construction stages. To undertake complex projects, PlanPacific assembles multi-disciplinary teams including financial, architectural, engineering and other expert consultants. We have developed particular expertise on complex permitting matters involving properties along the shoreline and in Waikiki.


  • Due Diligence Research
    PlanPacific performs research into regulatory controls and special development permit conditions and analyzes the legal status of “as-built” improvements on properties in anticipation of the sale of those properties. In most cases, attorneys who represent either a seller or prospective buyer engage us to conduct this research and, occasionally, recommend remedies for nonconforming or illegal conditions. Our clients include several of Hawai’i’s leading real estate law firms.


  • Expert Witness Testimony
    Mr. Whalen has been retained as an expert witness on land use, zoning and environmental matters in nearly twenty court, arbitration, appeal and contested case proceedings at federal, state and local government levels in cases involving issues ranging from scenic view, wildlife and natural resource preservation to development rights and procedural matters.


  • Advocacy for Regulatory Change
    PlanPacific has been retained by business associations and landowners to study land use policies and development code issues and propose and advocate in public forums for appropriate regulatory changes. For example, studies completed by PlanPacific on behalf of major landowners led to a revised urban design plan for the Waikele planned community in central O’ahu and amendments to the zoning controls for the Iwilei mixed-use district. To stimulate reinvestment, Waikiki Improvement Association hired PlanPacific to recommend and advocate for two rounds of amendments to the Waikiki Special District, which were adopted by the City in December 2003 and March 2009.


  • Public Sector Planning
    PlanPacific has also undertaken many of Hawai’i’ s most significant public sector planning projects, ranging from broad statewide or county-wide policy plans and regulatory analyses to community-level improvement plans.